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Mark John Warren
Registered Architect


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Creating homes is a lifelong passion.
What matters to me is creating something beautiful and liveable that people will enjoy every day of their lives.

I work hard to understand my clients, their dreams, preferences and the everyday needs of everyone in the family, to suggest solutions and ideas people may not have thought of.



I care about every single element of the home. That is deliberate design.
At a practical level, it starts at the front door - where do you take your shoes off, is there a seat, where do the shoes go, where do you hang your coat, where do you put your keys?
Then, it’s about how you enjoy the spaces, the magical moments created in each room and how the whole family will experience them.

I want to give people something unique that will enhance and enrich their lives, whether that's in their new home or reinventing an existing one.

With mjwarchitecture every element of design is carefully considered.


By listening closely, I work hard to understand how you live, what you love and what you need; then I'll endeavour to create a home that feels uniquely yours and also has surprises; moments of intrigue, calm or pure happiness.

Multi award winning mjwarchitecture is based in Wellington NZ but able to work on projects right across the country.

“A house should work as a home and be beautiful. When you walk into a    space it should make you feel something.”

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